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This is the canontech technical knowledge base. In the near future we will have content such as advanced nomination strategies, staking tooling tutorials, and more!

Our open source resources#

  • staking-payouts: Scalable CLI for automated staking payouts.
  • txintegration: Guide to using substrate-api-sidecar and txwrapper to construct, sign, and submit a transaction to a Substrate-based chain.
  • proxy-multisig-staking: Demo of institutional grade key management primitives for Substrate staking operations; utilizing multisigs, anonymous proxy accounts, and Staking + CancelProxy proxy filters.
  • proxy-hot-wallet: Demo for a safe and effective custodial hot wallet architecture using features innovated by Substrate FRAME pallets and featured in production chains such as Polkadot and Kusama.

Come back soon#

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